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How to Make Cold Coffee (Cold Turkish Coffee , Mocha , Cold Brew)

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How to Make Cold Coffee

Coffee lovers consume not only hot coffees, but also cold coffees abundantly. Cold coffee is the ideal solution to cool off, especially in the hot and sweltering summer months. So How to Make Cold coffee? Here is the recipe with tips.

Cold coffees that you can drink in friends meetings and house conversations are prepared with different ways. For delicious cold coffees, you need to prepare the coffee with tricks.

With the content we have compiled for you, you can prepare yourself a delicious cold coffees at least as much as the coffee sold in famous coffee chains. Whether with or without milk, you can easily make these coffees at home.


How to Make Cold Coffee?

Making cold coffee is not as difficult as it seems and can be completed with practical methods. There are some tricks you should pay attention to when applying these methods. As long as you pay attention to these points, you can always prepare delicious cold coffees.


Tips for delicious cold coffee recipes can be listed as follows:

1. If you want to make your cold coffee with milk, you must first prepare your coffee. After the coffee is prepared, you must add your milk.

2. When preparing cold coffee, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the ingredients. For get the right consistency, you can use a measure of 500ml of milk for 100g of coffee.

3. You should not rush to brew your coffee. The longer the coffee is brewed, the softer and better it will be.

4. You can use a French Press or a glass jar for coffee brewing.

5. While brewing with a jar or French Press, the contact of the coffee with the air should be cut off. For this, especially if you are using a French Press, you should tighten the cover with a tissue.

6. Organic milk and creams used in coffees will enrich the taste of coffee.

7. If you pay attention to your diet, you can use natural honey instead of sugar and fruit syrups.

9. Finally, freezing the ingredients used during cold coffee making is very important as it will keep your beverage cold longer. Making coffee without skipping this step will make cold coffees more delicious.


The Most Delicious Cold Coffee Recipes

Cold coffee is a drink that is easy to make and tastes great. It gives energy and vitality to your body with the caffeine it contains. Therefore, it can be your savior during the day when you feel tired and exhausted.

Coffee flavored with caramel, hazelnut, almond or fruit syrups can also be consumed as a light dessert. If you want to enrich it with different aromas, you can add vanilla or cinnamon to the coffee.

This very refreshing drink with ice in it can be consumed with or without sugar. You can adjust the amount of sugar in the sugary cold coffee recipe as you wish. Let’s move on to delicious recipes if you wish:


How to Make Cold Coffee (Cold Turkish Coffee , Mocha , Cold Brew)


1. Cold Brew

Cold Brew, which is always preferred by coffee lovers with its strong drink, comes first. This coffee, which is prepared with the cold brew method, takes 12 hours to brew.

You can brew 100g of ground coffee in a jar and pour 500 ml of cold water on it. At the end of 12 hours, you can add ice cubes to your coffee and drink it. The point you need to pay attention to here is to brew cold and stick to the brewing time of the coffee.


2. Hazelnut Almond Latte

Another recipe of ours is hazelnut almond latte. The trick of this recipe is that the hazelnuts and almonds you will put in it are soaked in water 12 hours before. You can buy almonds and hazelnuts that you will use in your coffee from Amazon and prepare a very delicious coffee.

Almonds and hazelnuts kept in water are crushed with a mixer and made ready for adding to coffee. For latte, put a shot of espresso in the glass and then add cold milk and ice according to the volume of the glass.

If you wish, you can freeze the espresso in advance. Finally, add the ground hazelnuts and almonds and mix.


3. Iced coffee

Third, we can recommend an iced coffee recipe for those who like strong coffee. The trick of this recipe is to pour the filter coffee left over from the day before into ice molds and freeze it.

You should take the frozen filter coffee molds into the container and add fresh filter coffee on it. Then, if you wish, you can add water for a softer drink.


4. Cold Turkish Coffee

It is impossible not to think about Turkish coffee lovers. In this recipe, we will tell you how to make cold Turkish coffee. For this, add 150 ml of boiling water to 1 spoon of Turkish coffee. Then throw 5-6 ice cubes on it. After mixing all these, you can take it into the glass you will serve.

You can soften the taste by adding milk as you wish. Nut syrup can be added for a sweeter taste.


5. Frappe

Frappe, one of the first recipes that comes to mind when it comes to cold coffee, cools you down with its ice-cold structure. You can start this recipe by whisking coffee, water and sugar thoroughly with the help of a mixer. Then throw ice cubes into the glass and pour the mixture into the glass.

Frappe, which is ready by adding cold milk, is sweetened with ice cream. That’s why you can make a great presentation by adding a scoop of ice cream on it just before serving.


6. Cold Milk Mocha

If you are someone who prefers coffee with milk, this recipe is for you! Mocha with cold milk can be both a refreshing drink and an alternative to calm sweet cravings. For this recipe, 1 spoon of coffee, 200 ml of milk and 4-5 ice cubes are used.

You should get a nice mixture by passing all these ingredients through a blender. Then you need to froth some milk to get foam.

After taking the coffee mixture into the serving glass, you can add milk foam on it. You can also make motifs on the foam with chocolate sauce or caramel syrup.

Which Coffee Should Be Used When Making Cold Coffee?
As well as the question of how to make cold coffee, you may be confused about which coffees to use while making cold coffee.

Just as you can use many types of coffee when making hot coffee, you can also use different types of coffee for cold coffee. This is entirely up to your taste. Therefore, when reading a cold coffee recipe, remember that you can actually change the types of coffee according to your wishes.

The most commonly used coffee in these recipes is filter coffee. If you wish, you can use any of the world coffees obtained by grinding coffee beans grown in different parts of the world.

World coffees can vary in their aromas. Since the most preferred coffee beans are Arabica beans, these beans are also used in cold coffee making.

You can also use the ground coffee you use to make filter coffee or espresso while trying a cold coffee recipe. You can add chocolate sauces, ice cream, cream or syrups while trying delicious recipes.

In addition to all these, you can also choose Turkish coffee. Thus, you will have a more traditional taste and you can try the unique taste of Turkish coffee in cold form. For a more delicious taste, it is useful to have fresh coffee. You can order flavored, delicious, delicious and fresh coffees from Amazon.

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