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How to Make Moka Pot Coffee recipe in Italy

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Moka Pot Coffee in Italy

The moke pot is easy to use and produces a full-bodied coffee rich in aromas. The best known machine has an hourglass shape, but on the market there are many shapes and styles.

If the design changes, the principle of operation remains the same whether we are talking about a classic coffee maker or a more modern induction moka: the water in the base heats up. Vapor pressure at about 2 atmospheres pushes it up through the coffee grounds.

For the coffee to be excellent, the blend must be ground not too finely. I suggest you start with good coffee such as coffee illy. The flame must be sweet. It is forbidden to keep the mocha on the fire for too long.


 Moke pot Coffee Recipe

1. Fill the base with cold water to valve level and no further. Insert the filter.

2. Fill the filter completely with ground coffee for mocha, but without pressing the powder.

3. Make sure the filter and rubber seal are in place. Tightly screw the two parts of the moka pot.

4. Put the mocha on the stove. Warning: keep the heat low.

5. Remove the mocha from the heat immediately, as soon as the coffee rises. In this way, only the noblest parts of the coffee are extracted.

6. Stir the coffee with a teaspoon before pouring it into the cups.

7. Rinse the mocha pot with hot water and let it dry completely before using it again.


How to Make Moka Pot Coffee recipe in Italy


Are Moka pots used in Italy?

The Moka Pot is an Italian invention of the 1930s. The name refers to the city of Mokha, in Yemen, famous for the quality of its coffee. and quickly became one of the staples of Italian culture.

It consists of a kettle (lower part), a funnel-shaped filter, a collector (upper part) equipped with a second removable filter, held in place by a rubber gasket. Gasket and removable filter must be changed periodically[1].


what is the best moka pot?

There are a lot of moka pot shapes and there are a few companies that have introduced variations to the Moka pot design. You can find the perfect style for you online as amazon.

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