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Which Is The Best German Coffee? Top 4 German Coffees

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What is a German Coffee?

Coffee in Germany is very popular hand-ground and prepared as a classic filter coffee. However, it is also used in fully automatic coffee machines as the starting point for popular coffee specialties such as cappuccino or latte macchiato.

In the past, there were a lot of coffee brands in Germany, but we could not tell them apart

Very dark and shiny espresso beans were popular there, they give a taste similar to that of chocolate and large layer of the cream on top.

But now, the US- and Scandinavian-inspired trend has shifted to ‘light coffee‘ or less roasted.


The Best German Coffee

There are lots of types German coffee roasters, but the only coffees which come in your mind are Jacobs, Dallmayr, and Tchibo, This coffee you can buy in the supermarket or online.

Also, if you have your own portafilter or a fully automatic machine you may would like to buy some exclusive German coffee beans. Now these are The Best German Coffees based on flavor, quality, and brand popularity.


1. Dallmayr Prodomo Ground Coffee

The Best Types German Coffee

Dallmayr is one of the best-known German coffee brands. It is a very popular in world and the best-rated coffee as it retains the natural and sweet flavor.❤️

this coffee made from 100% Arabica beans which mean it’s high-quality and thus can be considered healthy for your health.

Dallmayr Prodomo Coffee is the medium roast coffee which favorit by many coffee lovers. It has a full taste and strong aroma, along with medium acidity.

100% arabica coffee
Finest premium coffee
Medium roast coffee

Not suitable for strong flavor tastes
Ground (may affect freshness)


2. Jacobs Krönung Ground Coffee

The Best Types German Coffee

Jacobs is also one of the top German coffee brands thanks to its delicious and rich flavor.

Jacobs produces a variety of coffees such as whole bean, ground and mixes. There is also Jacobs instant coffee, so you can have coffee as you wish.

If you’re looking for a coffee that isn’t too strong, Jacobs Krönung Ground Coffee is mildly roasted to produce a well-balanced cup. So this might be a good option for you ❤️.

The great taste of German Coffee
Cheaper famous brands
Aftertaste is not bitter

Not strong coffee


3. Tchibo Fine Mild Ground Coffee

The Best Types German Coffee

Tchibo is one of the most famous coffees in Germany. For the past 60 years, this German brand has created high-quality roasts from the premium Arabica beans

Tchibo Fine Mild is a fine and naturally coffee with a unique taste and mild flavor. Feine Milde is composed of 100% Arabica beans from the finest growing areas of Brazil and the high altitudes of Central America, and subtly fruity Arabica beans from Papua New Guinea.

Made from high-quality Arabica
Pure, sweet flavor
Not bitter taste

Not for dark barbecue lovers


4. Eduscho Gala Nr German Ground Coffee

The Best Types German Coffee

Eduscho Gala Nr is a blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta Condensed Beans. So It’s very much a full-body coffee bursting with unique flavor and smooth, elegant aroma.

This is a pre-ground coffee rather than whole beans, So you only need to a coffee machine for make your coffee every morning.

100% Arabica Beans
Best German coffees
Smooth and strong coffee
No bitterness

Not a great value


How do Germans drink coffee?

1. Coffee is the favorite drink of the Germans. Most Germans drink two to three cups of coffee a day.

2. Filter coffee is a favorite Filter coffee of German coffee drinkers. 68% prepare their coffee in this way, followed by cappuccino (42%) and latte macchiato (41%). About three out of four coffee drinkers in Germany own a filter coffee machine.

3. Both men and women in Germany prefer their coffee to be of medium strength [1].

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